The interview with Ulyana Mi for “Megapolis Time” magazine

The interview with Ulyana Mi for “Megapolis Time” magazine

Obsession or message: premiere of “Zamerzshaya dusha” (“Frozen soul”)

Ulyana is one of the most enigmatic artist of modern Russian stage. She is a mystic, sometimes rioter, but at the same time very sensuous and lyrical person with a catching laughter and fabulous energetic.

This delicate girl goes to remote objects about 1000 km from Moscow without thinking. She doesn’t afraid difficulties and all severities conceives as another step to the success.

– Ulyana, how did you spent last summer?

– Last summer was not a relax time… We shot a music video for my new song “Ne uhodi” (“Don’t go away”), raveled about some Russian cities, where we took part in different festivals and open-air summer gala-concerts. We performed in annual concert “S nami Krug” (“Krug is with us”), dedicated to the Mikhail Krug’s work, in the international festival “Chanson nad Volgoy” (“Chanson over the Volga river”). By the way, we congratulated “Megapolis Time” with the presentation of 9th issue on the amazing party in karaoke-club “Chanson”. Besides concerts I wrote new songs. In all I should say – summer was very useful for me.

– You mentioned new composition “Ne uhodi” (“Don’t go away”), tell us about it some more.

– This song was released on 25th of May. It’s about the endless struggle between two people, when our strong sides don’t allow to be adaptable and to open for the new feelings. Two powers, two energies, two animosities clash in the video. From the one side my heroine is strong and insusceptible and doesn’t allow to open her heart for the feelings. At the same time she wants to be tender and weak. It seems to me, that everyone in his day and in specific circumstances goes through such feelings. Today you can download the song “Ne uhodi” (“Don’t go away”) from iTunes, Google Play, Yandex Music, Spotify and another virtual platforms.

– Tell some words about the video, you have shot last summer?

– The video shooting for song “Ne uhodi” (“Don’t go away”)was finished in August. We made it in Moscow. As our stage director has planed we made a sort of psychology thriller about the struggle between two powers: man and female. We represented it in choreography and in images, formed on the contrast of black and white colors. This story has a lot of vivid emotions, beautiful faces and powerful energetic. The premier of it’s video is planned on October. I hope our fandom will like it.

– Unlock a secret - what inner work is behind the process of writing songs? What is your source of inspiration?

– All my songs – are my individual stories which by feel, by emotions become intimate and familiar for thousands people. I write as I feel, it comes from my heart and defies any rules, logic or structure. Absolutely it is a difficult inner work and firstly in emotions, because every song has something personal. But all my life consists of it - songs, feelings and personal stories.

– Your show on our magazine’s party was so fierily. Do you like to have fun?

– I come to clubs for events very often and of’ course I like to have fun there. Because of it in my free evenings I prefer calm repose. You know, necessary components of my life are nature, forest and sea. Sometimes I want to stay alone and enjoy the silence. Of’ course I think that life without parties at all is boring and tedious.

– Can we say that you are a real inhabitant of metropolis?

– I can’t say that I like metropolis for 100%, because big city has a lot of downsides, as for bad ecology, traffic jams, lack of time. But I absolutely enjoy the creative fuss. I try to take all opportunities of big city to the maximum and this is a balance for me. In all I can say that I feel comfortable here.

– If you were not singer what another profession would you prefer?

– It will surprise for you, but I would prefer to be a lawyer or attorney, or forensic doctor. I studied to be a layer, and interested in jurisprudence, laws and I seriously planned to engage myself with it. Although life has other plans, I am interested in it up to now.