Obsession or message: premiere of “Zamerzshaya dusha” (“Frozen soul”)

Obsession or message: premiere of “Zamerzshaya dusha” (“Frozen soul”)

Ulyana Mi is a special guest of gala-concert “S nami Krug” (“Krug is with us”)
The interview with Ulyana Mi for “Megapolis Time” magazine

Recently the creative team of Ulyana Mi has finished the music video shooting for song “Ne uhodi” (“Don’t go away”). And now they are ready to conquer new peaks. On the 10th of September Ulyana will present the release of her new song “Zamerzshaya dusha” (“Frozen soul”) on the most popular virtual platforms of the world.

This composition became one of the most ambiguous in her oeuvre. The process of its creation is so private, difficult in the emotional and so mystic, that Ulyana doesn’t unveil any details about it.

“This song was not written This song was not written by chance. This is a memory about one man, I can’t tell about him. But I know exactly, such songs don’t come in to the world by chance - Ulyana says. It was like a obsession: words and music came as it were magic source, and then they flew together in unique harmonious composition. At that moment I just caught the Dictaphone and it seemed that I recorded somebody’s message. It is really unusual composition, especial for me.

Some times later we recorded the acoustic version of it song without setting, and when I sang it, people, sitting in the room with us, stopped in tracks as under hypnoses. It is really not simple composition, especial for me. This song has a story, it means song will live for ever”.

On the premiere date you will listen and download the song “This song was not written Zamerzshaya dusha” (“This song was not written Frozen soul”) from iTunes, Google Play, Yandex.Music, Spotify and another virtual platforms.