Биография Ульяны Ми


Know more about the most mysterious artist of Russian stage


Know more about the most mysterious artist of Russian stage

28th of October, 1986. The beginning.

The musician, author and composer Ulyana Miloshenko (stage name – Ulyana Mi) was born in 28th of October in 1986 on the Sakhalin island in Holmsk, where she got a music and legal education.

Since her childhood they predicted a musician future for Ulyana. Even in maternity home the doctor said: “The singer was born”.

Ulyana grew as an unusual child. She was a white crow among the age-mates. Classmates didn’t want to become friends with an iceberg, inaccessible, self-reliant girl, which looked like not of this world. This stereotype appeared because of some reasons. Ulyana got unique energetics from her grandmother and aunt – they could help people and forecasted the future.

Ulyana never wanted to use her power, she dreamed to be a singer, but strong energetics and a superpower intuition edited her environment and destiny of future artist.

2017. Moving to Moscow.

From a child Ulyana wrote a poems and a songs, took part in a local and international competitions and festivals.

Being aware that it’s so difficult to get on in the world for newcomer singer, most songs were written.

However Ulyana noticed – life closed her with unusual people. All of them predicted her a bright future, fast moving and musical success.

She didn’t take it seriously, listened only her intuition and gut sense - Ulyana came to important decision and moved into Moscow in 2017.

Fortune was not long in coming

In some weeks after her coming to Moscow, Russian TV channel TNT took two her songs in the television series “Street”.

Single “Ya tak hotela” (“I wanted this way”) and song “Ya voda”(“I am water”) now are in the airtime. Song “Voyna” (“The war”) is a main song in city thematic events deals with war.

Today Ulyana performs in a solo-programs and with a musical band. This musical project plays their own compositions in pop-lyric and pop-rock style.

Her shows are held in one breathe, charming with energetics

Her rich, incisive voice, coming from heart, sinks into the very soul. So many feelings and emotions she puts into the each word, each note.

It is strange, but her songs, friends, people around her – everything was ordained by fate, felt intuitive and predicted by her inner senses.

Every her song is a unique world, a personal story and Ulyana is ready to tell then to all the universe.

Immerse yourself in the universe of Ulyana Mi!